Gardening in the Sun

Feb 24th

For those of you who dont know this yet…gardening in the sun is one of my all time favorite things.


I’ve been  planting  fruits, vegetables and flowers for a while now – and its a ton of fun! I thought i would share stuff on how to grow your very own strawberries right at home…hope you are not allergic to them. Strawberries are super easy to grow.

I learned that there are 3 different types of strawberries. One that is year-round, one that is gives strawberries once a year and another that gives strawberries a couple times a year. I wonder if they taste different???

As soon as you are ready to start this project you can visit this website and then will tell you exactly how to do it. Oh, and i want to hear all about it – and send me a few strawberries…just kidding. Just send me a picture!

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